Bioline Cat Shapmoo Long Hair – 250ml



Bioline Long Hair Cat Shampoo is a mild pet shampoo . It can be used for both cats and kittens.

It neutralizes foul odors in pet coats and maintains a balanced pH level. It soothes irritated skin.

It is safe to use on cats with sensitive and itchy skin .

Bioline Neutral Pet Shampoo provides premium coat and skin treatment.

It is safe to use for routine pet baths on cats and kittens. It works on reducing shedding.

It promotes a healthy skin and coat on your pet.

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Instructions For Use :

  • Use the shampoo Sparingly as necessary for the size of the cat .
  • Apply shampoo to the wet coat , spread evenly and rinse with lukewarm water . Repeat if necessary .
  • After washing the coat , it is important to rub the animal dry and keep it well-protected from draught .


Specifications :

  • Item Code : J2288
  • Product Size : 3.5cm x 7cm x 9.5cm
  • Ingredients : 5~15% anionic surfactants , 5% non-ionic surfactants , preservatives , fragrance and colourant .
  • Product Weight : 300gram


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